Welcome to the EAOM

The European Association of Oral Medicine

Welcome to the European Association of Oral Medicine.

Founded in 1998, the EAOM aims to:

  • Promote education and research in Oral Medicine, which is the specific area of competence concerned with the health and diseases of the oral and peri-oral structures, especially the oral manifestations of systemic diseases and the oral and dental care of patients, in Europe.
  • Promote interest in education and research in Oral Medicine at institutions, professional associations and industries.
  • Improve clinical care in the field of Oral Medicine.
  • Inform governments and other official institutions of the significance of Oral Medicine for oral and systemic health, and the recognition, prevention and treatment of oral diseases.
  • Promote the exchange of scientific information.

The EAOM is keen to encourage any individual involved in the investigation, teaching or practice of Oral Medicine to apply for membership and to take advantage of the benefits on offer.

On this website you can find information about upcoming meetings and events in your region, details of past biennial congresses and events, information about the governing structure of the organisation, publications and news.

Latest News

X Simposio Internacional – X International Symposium

20 years of Advances in Oral Cancer3-5 July 2024 in Bilbao, Spain More Information email: secretaria@simposiocanceroral.com

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EAOM Diploma examination date set

The next EAOM Dimploma examination will run on Thursday 16 November 2023. This will be a virtual examination overseen by Dr Rui Albuquerque. Registration is open, find out more information and register for the 16 November examination date:

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