Cristina Bez

Cristina Bez graduated in Dentistry at the University of Milan in 1995 where she subsequently completed her training in Oral Medicine. Between 1998-2001 she studied in London at the Eastman Dental Institute (UCL) under the supervision of Professor Stephen Porter. Her main research interest and laboratory training focused on the molecular biology of viruses such as HHV-8.

Returning to Italy in 2001, she worked as a clinician in the Oral Medicine Department of San Paolo Hospital of the University of Milan until 2006. Here she primarily followed oral complications of patients undergoing bone marrow tranplant. She was also involved in teaching Oral Medicine to undergraduates at the Universities of Milan and Parma. Since 2002 she has been operating her own private dental practice (

She continues her collaboration with the University of Parma as well as promotes continuing education for Dental Practice Managers (

christina bez