IX International Symposium  on Advances in Oral Cancer 2022

“Advances in oral cancer”
1-2 July 2022

IX International Symposium on Advances in Oral Cancer 2022

Dear colleagues & friends,

First of all, we send you our best wishes for your health and your families, in this hard time.

Once again and following tradition, we have decided to organize from the Department of Stomatology II of the University of the Basque Country/EHU the IX International Symposium “Advances in Oral Cancer”, in ONLINE mode, on July 1st and 2nd, 2022, in a comfortable schedule that allows the participation of all colleagues interested in this important pathology, including those from Latin America and other latitudes.

World Health is going through a difficult period, in which it seems that there is only the Covid 19 pandemic.

Despite that we believe that it is a great opportunity to claim the importance of health in general and oral health in particular. We believe that the best way to do it is learning and discussing different aspects of oral cancer.

For all these reasons, we would like that you reserve a good space in your home or at your
workplace and share with us the experience of this Online Symposium. As on previous occasions, we are preparing an attractive Program with short conferences on different aspects related to oral cancer, a clinicopathological session with interesting cases, a differential diagnosis workshop, the presentation of scientific communications, etc. Thank you very much for your support. I send you a warm hug, encouragement and health.

José Manuel Aguirre
President IX International Symposium Advances in Oral Cancer